Are you sick of your boring plain front yard? Is your flowerbed in need of upkeep and a fresh batch of plants? Do you want to go from a plastic border to gorgeous rocks? We would love to help!

Know exactly what you want your future yard to look like, or need some help deciding? We can help either way. We source the plants, the mulch, trim the trees and bushes, weed the old flowerbeds, and lay the new border just to name a few things that go into landscaping the yard of your dreams.

We can also provide sod installation, dirt removal, and construction/demo clean up.

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*This service is available for West and Middle Tennessee areas, from Memphis to Nashville, and everything in between.  Call (615) 663-4619 or (901) 229-7938 today!

The Blue House

A tree trim and gorgeous flower bed addition made this house pop.

The Blue House 2

With pale stones that complimented the house the flower bed increased curb appeal of this house.

The Purple Shutter House

Trimmed bushes and trees along with an upgraded flower bed, made this home owner happy.  ​​​​​​​

Brush Clean Up

Is the brush too high, and a bushhog can't get the job done? We can still help you!

Clearing Land

We cleared the bushes and chain link fence around this little brown house to open it up and allow the land to be used how the homeowner wanted.

Well Maintained Flower Beds

No before and after is needed, with regular maintenance of the flower beds and the yard.  ​​​​​​​